Awesome Screenshot for Chrome Update!

We are back with a major Awesome Screenshot update.

  • Updated annotation tools (you can now rearrange annotations on the image after completion)
  • Updated UI (including buttons for saving an image, and overall UI improvements)
  • Updated Extension Menu (removed donate option and added direct account info access)

Due to miscommunications with the Chrome Store, we had to re-post our extension, loosing all of our metrics for the past few years.

Please drop by our Chrome Store page and give us a 5 star review if you’ve enjoyed using our plugin.

New Built in Annotation Feature!


aano5 anno

We have added annotation features directly into our web service. Check out our homepage to try out our annotation functions without the need for any plugin or additional software. Now you can easily re-edit images and upload your own images for annotations.

URL shorten-er also added for shared image links.

New Updated Features for Awesome Screenshot!

as button icon_12

We have added some important new features to our service.

Listed below is a list of new features & changes.

  • Added “My Projects” option in our plugin, for easy access to your projects in Awesome Screenshot.
  • Added the ability to create new projects in the save menu after annotation.
  • Added the ability to choose which project to save an image into from the save menu after annotation.
  • Added the ability to set a password for users who registered through Google. You may now use a set password with devices that do not have Google services or continue to log into AwesomeScreenshot through Google.

Please check back often for updates, as we still have many more features and improvements in the pipeline!

Most Awesome Screenshot Twitter Giveaway!


Most Awesome Screenshot Giveaway On Twitter

The Awesome Screenshot plugin has reached 2 million users on Chrome, now the highest rated, most downloaded image capture and annotation tool on Google.

To celebrate the launching our new image sharing web service,, we are hosting an image contest on Twitter to give out 100 free premium Awesome Screenshot accounts.

Get a free account and experience the easiest way to host, share, and leave point specific comments (#commentpoints) directly on images.
From now till April 30, 2015, we will be selecting our favorite images posted on Twitter through our Awesome Screenshot web service for free premium account plans ($6 USD value).
All you need to do is follow us on Twitter @awe_screenshot, sign-up for a free Awesome Screenshot account, then share an image with at least 1 comment point through your account to Twitter. Don’t remove the @awe_screenshot or we won’t see your entry!
If your image is selected, you will win a free 6 months of our premium account service, including unlimited projects and image hosting for all your sharing and collaborative needs.
We will posting the images from winners on our Twitter account, so be sure to check in to see if your entry won!

      1. Total of 100 winners will receive premium account plans for our Awesome Screenshot web service for six months, with an unlimited amount of project and image space.
      2. Follow us on Twitter @awe_screenshot and share an image hosted on Awesome Screenshot on your twitter account with at least 1 comment point. Best 100 images of our choosing will receive free premium accounts good for six months. (To share an image through Awesome Screenshot, either include the share image URL in the tweet our use the “share” button and choose Twitter)
      3. 1 winner per Awesome Screenshot account
      4. We will post / retweet the winners during and at the end of the contest period.
      5. After being contacted via Twitter by the Awesome Screenshot Team, winners send us a screenshot of following us on Twitter, and your Awesome Screenshot account email to
      6. Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible
      7. Promotion period from 4/3 – 4/30/2015

Awesome Screenshot Grand Opening!

Awesome Screenshot is proud to introduce our own image hosting, sharing, and point specific commenting service. Users will now be able to store images permanently and leave comments on images shared with Awesome Screenshot. Therefore, storing an image thru Awesome Screenshot will replace the temporary storage option in the save menu. Users will also be able to banner1manage, share, and comment on stored images thru our website. Please sign-in or create an account on our website to experience the easiest way to share and leave point specific comments on any image!


Awesome Screenshot has hit 2 million users on Chrome!

To show our appreciation for making Awesome Screenshot plugin the top rated and most downloaded web capture tool on Chrome, we are getting rid of paid features and providing all our users with the desktop capture feature for free.