Awesome Screenshot Grand Opening!

Awesome Screenshot is proud to introduce our own image hosting, sharing, and point specific commenting service. Users will now be able to store images permanently and leave comments on images shared with Awesome Screenshot. Therefore, storing an image thru Awesome Screenshot will replace the temporary storage option in the save menu. Users will also be able to banner1manage, share, and comment on stored images thru our website. Please sign-in or create an account on our website to experience the easiest way to share and leave point specific comments on any image!


Awesome Screenshot has hit 2 million users on Chrome!

To show our appreciation for making Awesome Screenshot plugin the top rated and most downloaded web capture tool on Chrome, we are getting rid of paid features and providing all our users with the desktop capture feature for free.

9 thoughts on “Awesome Screenshot Grand Opening!

  1. Hope to be able to share work orders to my employees so they don’t have to drive here to pick up paperwork. Love your app so far. Have to agree with commenter before me. Says it all!


  2. Really enjoying it so far, but two questions:

    1) I’m not having any luck with the “copy to clipboard” feature — it’s just not working for me. Is there anything I should be doing?

    2) Is it possible to save the image as something other than a png file (i.e., jpeg or PDF)? I know I can save it, open it, then save it as something else, but I’d like to eliminate that middle step, if possible…




  3. Thanks for the support Joel.
    The “copy to clipboard” feature is work around as Chrome has limited the way it functions, so we had to change the method it works. It works for office docs but there are a few scenarios that it won’t paste in.
    You can change the save format to JPEG in settings from the browser button.
    If you have any further questions, drop me a note at


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