New Built in Annotation Feature!


aano5 anno

We have added annotation features directly into our web service. Check out our homepage to try out our annotation functions without the need for any plugin or additional software. Now you can easily re-edit images and upload your own images for annotations.

URL shorten-er also added for shared image links.

7 thoughts on “New Built in Annotation Feature!

  1. Just browsing on site info of some websites I am following on the Alexa Rankings when I have landed on this Awesomescreenshot.. Have read some highlights and then was not able to stop on registrations. Presently now login to my account and started to familiarize inside of the dashboard. Looks great that I might be login in here frequently.


  2. Am just getting warmed up here after registrations few minutes ago. Now presently browsing around the dashboard and reading some features here @ Awesomescreenshot. Can wait till I’ve learned more of it.


  3. This is a #10Plus app for anyone that wants to make money Online. Saves me time and gives me unique graphics without having to pay a prima donna artist who charges an arm & a leg doing something they love to do anyway.


  4. I would really love to see the numbering option which is available in the App version of Screenshot to be included in the extension as the App version of Screenshot is no longer allowing me to save my images when annotated. I am just wondering of this is a bug or is the app no longer being supported?


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