What’s New in 4.3.33

We are thrilled to announce our latest extension updates!

We have made some improvements on screenshots to bring you an immersive capturing experience.

Optimized Visible Part Capturing
Previously you can run our extension on almost any webpages except pages like Chrome extension store or some setting pages. With our latest version, you will get a best-in-class capture experience. The new capturing visible part feature works on Every Web Page. Give it a try yourself.

Enhanced Full-Page Capturing
Full Page capture is one of our most popular and essential features. We fixed some bugs and issues you reported, giving you a smoother capturing entire page experience.

Introducing a More Intuitive Default Menu Tab
Some people solely need recording or capturing features. They can change the default menu tab in the options setting. As for people who utilize both capture and record features or their preferences change often. Instead of going through a tedious setting process, your extension will automatically remember the last tab you use and make it a default tab next time. Prefer the older way? No problem, you still have the option to set the default tab yourself.

We would love to hear how you think about our updates. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions with us in the comment section below. Thanks!!😀

Add Blur and Image to Video

In this update, we want to introduce two new features about video editor and a major improvement on the full-page screenshot function.  

Blur out parts of a video

Sometimes, you’d notice information you cannot or prefer not to share after recording. It could be some confidential information that has to be hidden, or something that may distract viewers’ attention away from what you intend to present. In such situations, blurring out parts of a video can be really helpful.

Wondering about the how-to? Click here to see a step-by-step guide.

Add image to a video

With the add-image feature, you can put a logo to your video to make it more professional, add a reference image to help viewers better understand the content, or add some funny pictures to make a video more entertaining, etc.

You can add images in JPG or PNG format. See how to add an image to your video here.

Enhanced full page screenshot

A new method was used to improve the performance of capturing full page. Previously, when you took a screenshot of a complex webpage that had inline frames or scrollable areas, you might get only the visible part captured or the screenshot was not properly stitched. With the new solution, capturing full page works much better on these kinds of webpages. If you still have trouble capturing the entire page of a webpage, please don’t hesitate to report it to us.

Your valuable feedback help us serve you better. Let us know your thoughts!

🚀New: Emoji, Video Comment and Dark Mode

This update includes some improvements to the video interaction and browsing experience. Please see details below.

Quick Reply with Emoji

On a video page, there are several pre-selected emojis available. You can quickly reply to a video message by choosing an emoji or a few emojis to express how you feel about the video.

Comment on Video

A comment feature was added to make communications through videos more effective. When you receive a shared video link, you can leave a comment to the sender on the right side of the video page. Anyone with the share link can comment on the video, so you can join a discussion and reply to other people’s comments as well.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is supported now. You can go to Appearance within your Settings to switch between light theme and dark theme. You can also set it to comply with your system setting by choosing “Use device theme”. To get there, please click on your avatar in the top right corner and then click Appearance.

Customize Avatar

You can also customize your avatar within settings, by either uploading an image or using your Google account avatar.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

New: Cut and Annotate Your Video

We want to introduce a new feature that helps make your videos more custom and professional: video editor. This version of editor contains several basic yet useful editing tools, with more to come in the future!

Cut out unwanted parts

Have you experienced a situation where you have to discard a recording and redo because of getting interrupted or not satisfied with what’s just recorded? Redo recording can be both frustrating and time consuming. But from now on, when such an issue occurs, you can just pause for a moment, make adjustments and proceed with recording as usual. Once the recording is done, use the cut tool to remove unwanted parts easily.

Annotate with text, shapes and links

Sometimes, new thoughts may pop into your heads after you finish recording a video. With the text tool, you can share a new idea, add a description or an explanation by adding a note to a specific part of your video, and to a specific place in a video scene.

If you want to emphasize something in your video, you can add a rectangle, ellipse or arrow to highlight it. You can also use shape tool along with text tool to draw viewers’ attention to the parts you want to focus on.

If you want people who watch your video to visit a particular page, or to prove some resource links for people’s reference, make use of the link tool.

Get started with the video editor

Please refer to this article to see how to use the video editor in detail and feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Video editor is only available for videos stored on our website. To use it, make sure you are signed in and choose the Cloud storage option for your video. You will see the Edit button on a video detail page after you stop recording.

If you saved videos to the Local recordings list previously, you can go there to open a video and upload it to our website.

Note: video editing is a paid feature. However, it is now free to everyone for a limited time.

Get screenshot done QUICKLY

In this release, you will notice a new option available in the extension’s Capture menu.

Once the “Cloud” option is selected manually, you will get new “Capture screenshot” experience. Almost everything is quicker compared with the previous process. Here is a screenshot of the new annotation interface.

Annotation tools and save options are combined into one menu, which will appear on the right side of your screen after you take a screenshot. Icons for annotation tools were redesigned, too. Tooltip text will show up when you mouse over an icon. With the new process and annotation menu, you will get screenshot done quickly.

Quick to Annotate

Previously, a screenshot was automatically displayed in a new tab for annotating or saving.  Now, you can annotate directly on the page without leaving it.

Quick to Copy

Now you can directly copy a screenshot to your clipboard and paste it anywhere without going through the whole process.

Quick to save screenshot with the source URL

By clicking the Save button, you can upload a screenshot with annotations to your account quickly. The URL and title of the web page you capture will also be saved automatically, so that you can click the image title to revisit the source page later.

Quick to Share and Organize

Once screenshots are saved in the cloud, they can be accessed across devices, shared through links, organized with folders, or downloaded as images or PDFs.

Only one image for a very long full page screenshot

Since we can use the power of the server side computing in the cloud mode, you will get only one image when capturing full page of a very very long page. Previously, you may get several divided images for a very long full page screenshot.

Screenshots and Screen recordings, together

Screenshots and videos saved in your account can be organized in the same folder. It could be really useful if you’re preparing resources for a project and need these two kinds of files.

Still like the old way? Don’t worry.

To those who prefer saving image to local, you can click the triangle icon next to Cloud to switch back to Local. The process of saving screenshots to local remains the same as before.

To those who don’t have an account yet, we strongly recommend you register an account to try the cloud screenshot feature!

There are more improvements to come. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to to send us a message using Feedback button or blog comments. Let us know your thoughts! Thank you for reading.

Annotation tools for video recording

We’re releasing a new feature — Annotation tools for video recording — in this update. Below is a brief introduction.

A new option “Show Annotation Tools” is added to the Record menu. When it’s turned on, a toolbar will appear in the lower left corner of your screen during recording. With those tools, it will be much easier to help your audience pay attention to the most important part of the video.

  • Mouse Pointer Highlight

You can get a yellow circle background around your pointer to make it more visible, or a red circle animation to show your mouse click action, or a spotlight effect to focus on a specific area. See how it works below.

  • On-screen Annotation

With annotations tools, you can draw on your screen, add shapes to key points to make it easier for your audience to follow along.

This new feature is included in the Professional plan, and available for free trial to those who meet the requirements. For more details, check out the latest pricing plans.

We hope you love this update. As always, we are all ears. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Introducing New Website

Over the past few months, the number of recordings and screenshots uploaded to awesomescreenshot.com  has increased a lot and this led to the need for a better way to organize videos and images, on which we’ve been working recently. Today, we’re launching the new website redesigned to enhance your experiences with organizing, finding and sharing your videos and images.

What’s new in this change? Please see the details below.

Fresh Design

A new look with a navigation menu on the left that aims to help you find what you need more easily and quickly.

Nested Folder

Folders and subfolders can keep your items organized in multiple levels. You can now manage your videos and images by adding them to or moving them between folders.  


In addition to searching images, searching videos and folders are also supported now. Just type keywords in the search field at the top of the site to find things you need.

Trash Folder

We receive file recovery requests from time to time, so we added a trash folder. Removed items will be stored in the trash folder for 3 days for free users. You can undo your accidental deletion from now on. And for premium users, removed items will be stored for up to 30 days!

Video Editing (coming soon)

We’re working on some video editing features such as trim, cut, adding text or link etc. They’ll be released soon. Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy this new version.  Let us know if you have any questions or feature requests. You can always contact us through the feedback button next to your avatar.

Updates on Awesome Screenshot Add-on for Firefox

Today we’re bringing a major update to the extension on Firefox with the following improvements and new features:

  • New icon for the extension
  • More user-friendly popup menu
  • Enhanced capture functionality
  • More image annotation tools
  • New Record feature for screen recording
  • Cloud storage and share link for recordings

Below is brief how-to guide to the new Record feature. Please note that sign-in is required to record and save screen videos. To record a screen video, basic steps are as follow.

  1. click the extension icon to open the popup menu
  2. select Record screen video or Camera only based on your needs
  3. click Start Recording in the new tab that appears after step 2
  4. click select Window or Screen then select one
  5. come back to the tab that shows recording status and click Stop

You can get a shareable link right after finishing your recording to share with your teammates, clients, friends and families, etc.

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions, suggestions or encounter any technical issues. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Important Notice and New Release

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe during these challenging times. It has been nearly 3 months since we posted the response to the COVID-19.

From April 3rd to July 10th

We have been providing unlimited access to and unlimited storage of screen recordings to all users for free since April to help remote working and teaching. The original plan was to reinstate feature limits on July 1st. Though the economy is reopened gradually in most of the world, some sectors are still hard hit. We decided to extend the offer for another 10 days. Limits will be reinstated after July 10th. 

After July 10th

If you’re on the free plan and have saved more than 20 videos, your access to more- previously saved videos will be limited after July 10th. Please upgrade to the professional plan to gain unlimited access if you’d like to continue enjoying the service, or download your videos before they are locked if you prefer not to upgrade now. 

New Features in 4.3.6 

We have spent a lot of effort in the development of new features in the past few months. Today, we’re releasing a new version 4.3.6. What’s coming with this update? First of all, we’d like to introduce the carefully redesigned popup menu, a more user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to quickly switch between screen recording and screen capture when needed.

You can set either Record or Capture as the default menu based on your primary usage scenario by clicking the Options button then changing the related setting.

Next are the major changes made on the screenshot functionality. Now you can:

  • Capture a local HTML page 
  • Capture entire screen or app window after delay 
  • Directly copy a screenshot when capturing a selected area
  • Skip annotating for quick saving 
  • Select an area or annotate a screenshot with pen on touch screen 
  • Add timestamp and page URL to a screenshot 

Wondering how to enable some of these functions? Simply click on the Options button in the lower right corner of the popup menu! You will find various settings there. Check them out and customize the extension to your own preference 😀

We have also made some improvements on the recording feature and will keep working on more. Stay tuned!

Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Feedback button in the lower left corner of the popup menu if you have any questions, suggestions or any other issues.

Keep social distance and work together

Dear Awesome Screenshot users,

We hope everyone is remaining healthy as the Coronavirus public health crisis deepens. Actually, we feel sorry for the late response. It took us some time to finish this new version which will help more people to work remotely. We have to keep social distance. At the same time, working together remotely has never been more important.

Even before the pandemic struck, remote work accelerated around the world. Under these new circumstances we will now have to learn how to be productive when working from home in addition to learning how to collaborate with colleagues outside of the office.

Awesome screenshot has been about sharing the screen from the very beginning. The natural evolution for sharing the screen is from sharing screenshots to sharing screen videos. Video is playing a growing role in our work life, such as video conferences, video customer service, video product demos etc, especially in this coronavirus crisis.


There are two kinds of video, real time and non-real time video. Real time video, such as Zoom,  is a critical part of any video solution for work. We use Zoom often and love it. However, it doesn’t suit all scenarios. Here is a fun diagram from the Internet about a real time video conference.  It explains in some cases, such as a short discussion or demonstration, real time video conference may make our work less efficient.

Besides real time video communication, when we are working remotely, one important tool to work with our colleagues or clients is to share our work with non-real time video. Recording the screen is a great way to share our work in many scenarios, such as bug reports, design drafts, product tutorials etc.

With these considerations in mind, we have made significant improvements to the Awesome Screenshot extension and website in this new version that I am excited to share with you! Here we go:

New Extension Menu 

Video recording is now a core part of the extension. We not only added new features for video recording, but also arranged them in an easy to access way.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.20.11 PM.png

Instant sharing, fast and convenient 

Working together also means better integration with other applications.

Fast: Sharing video with colleagues is often very slow. With the new version, you don’t need to “Upload” the video, then share it.  After the video is recorded, you can share it instantly.

Convenient: We integrate video sharing with Slack, Trello, Github, Asana, Jira directly in the video page, so it is super easy to connect with your favorite services.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.57.18 AM.png

Record both your screen and  your camera 

Put your face in the video to make it more engaging.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.02.18 PM.png

Download as both WebM and MP4  formats

WebM is the default video format for Chrome. However, MP4 format is widely used.  Now, you can download your video as a MP4 file.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 3.23.09 AM.png

Fight coronavirus with free access  

Besides new features, we will also provide free cloud video recording and access before May 1st to support remote work and fight the coronavirus.

  • Increase from 30s free recording time to 5 minutes free recording time
  • 1 Month free cloud video recording and access for all

Free for educational use 

Please contact us through care@awesomescreenshot.com if you are a teacher and need to access the professional video feature for educational purposes. We will provide you free access for this semester.

Here is a brief introduction about how to use the video feature in this new version.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can better help you.