Most Awesome Screenshot Twitter Giveaway!


Most Awesome Screenshot Giveaway On Twitter

The Awesome Screenshot plugin has reached 2 million users on Chrome, now the highest rated, most downloaded image capture and annotation tool on Google.

To celebrate the launching our new image sharing web service,, we are hosting an image contest on Twitter to give out 100 free premium Awesome Screenshot accounts.

Get a free account and experience the easiest way to host, share, and leave point specific comments (#commentpoints) directly on images.
From now till April 30, 2015, we will be selecting our favorite images posted on Twitter through our Awesome Screenshot web service for free premium account plans ($6 USD value).
All you need to do is follow us on Twitter @awe_screenshot, sign-up for a free Awesome Screenshot account, then share an image with at least 1 comment point through your account to Twitter. Don’t remove the @awe_screenshot or we won’t see your entry!
If your image is selected, you will win a free 6 months of our premium account service, including unlimited projects and image hosting for all your sharing and collaborative needs.
We will posting the images from winners on our Twitter account, so be sure to check in to see if your entry won!

      1. Total of 100 winners will receive premium account plans for our Awesome Screenshot web service for six months, with an unlimited amount of project and image space.
      2. Follow us on Twitter @awe_screenshot and share an image hosted on Awesome Screenshot on your twitter account with at least 1 comment point. Best 100 images of our choosing will receive free premium accounts good for six months. (To share an image through Awesome Screenshot, either include the share image URL in the tweet our use the “share” button and choose Twitter)
      3. 1 winner per Awesome Screenshot account
      4. We will post / retweet the winners during and at the end of the contest period.
      5. After being contacted via Twitter by the Awesome Screenshot Team, winners send us a screenshot of following us on Twitter, and your Awesome Screenshot account email to
      6. Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible
      7. Promotion period from 4/3 – 4/30/2015

3 thoughts on “Most Awesome Screenshot Twitter Giveaway!

  1. Great, im not a vary heavy user of twitter , or any other social network but i definitly love your chrome app , i did donate and will definitly purchase your premium version still dont understand fully what it is but i mean you have help me be more productive in you first app this will definitly will do

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    1. They are great for the environment!!! They save me TONS & TONS of paper because all the browser printing interfaces and website-provided printing options use waaayyyy too much paper and don’t give you the ability to truly pare things down to print just what you want using all your available paper space. This app saves me a lot of money. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll find that out too. Hey! I think I’ll cut and past this comment for my entry to their sweepstakes! lol

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