Introducing New Website

Over the past few months, the number of recordings and screenshots uploaded to  has increased a lot and this led to the need for a better way to organize videos and images, on which we’ve been working recently. Today, we’re launching the new website redesigned to enhance your experiences with organizing, finding and sharing your videos and images.

What’s new in this change? Please see the details below.

Fresh Design

A new look with a navigation menu on the left that aims to help you find what you need more easily and quickly.

Nested Folder

Folders and subfolders can keep your items organized in multiple levels. You can now manage your videos and images by adding them to or moving them between folders.  


In addition to searching images, searching videos and folders are also supported now. Just type keywords in the search field at the top of the site to find things you need.

Trash Folder

We receive file recovery requests from time to time, so we added a trash folder. Removed items will be stored in the trash folder for 3 days for free users. You can undo your accidental deletion from now on. And for premium users, removed items will be stored for up to 30 days!

Video Editing (coming soon)

We’re working on some video editing features such as trim, cut, adding text or link etc. They’ll be released soon. Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy this new version.  Let us know if you have any questions or feature requests. You can always contact us through the feedback button next to your avatar.

126 thoughts on “Introducing New Website

    1. Yeah. Me too I’m so excited because this is what I use to record my youtube vids and the video editing would really help out.


  1. This update is really amazing. It adds a lot of useful functions. Finally, I can manage my resources with multiple folders. Come on, I hope it gets better and better!


  2. My complaint is that before the update, you could download the videos as an MP4. Now, the update blocks that, and I can’t see any other good thing about buying the expensive premium.


    1. The limit on download has existed for some time. It’s probably a coincidence that you happen to reach the limit after the update. The good things in a Professional package includes unlimited access to video&image storage, sharing, download, high-resolution etc. You can see details:


    1. You can click to open a specific item page to find the download button. Please send us a feedback message if you need further assistance.


  3. Add the ability to add a comment without entering an email address !! In the European Union countries, a Privacy Policy for e-mail addresses is required.


  4. I started using Awesome Screenshot because I loved that I could send a video directly to my Google Drive. Now I don’t see that option anymore. That was the main reason I switched to AS. I don’t want to download to my hard drive, then turn around to upload it to my Drive.


    1. Sorry for the late reply. To upload your recording to Google Drive, please choose to Save video to Local when recording.


  5. To Download:

    1. Log into your account > click My Items >

    2. Click on the video you want >

    3. On right side near bottom of video > Click Download


  6. How do you take a screenshot and send it? Why does Awesome screenshot keep crashing when i use it? Can you please fix that?


    1. You can click the Capture tab in the extension’s popup menu then select an option to take a screenshot. As for the crash issue, please click the Feedback button to submit a report. Thanks.


  7. I’ve been using your Google Chrome extension for so long, but recently it keeps requiring me to reload page to use the extension. The problem is sometimes certain page will be gone after reloading, ended up I did not manage to capture my required screenshot. How can have it to be like in the past, allowing me to capture screenshot without reloading the page? Kindly email me with your advice. Thank you.


    1. Please reinstall the extension to try again. If the issue persists, contact support via the Feedback button for further assistance.


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