Awesome Screenshot for Chrome Update!

We are back with a major Awesome Screenshot update.

  • Updated annotation tools (you can now rearrange annotations on the image after completion)
  • Updated UI (including buttons for saving an image, and overall UI improvements)
  • Updated Extension Menu (removed donate option and added direct account info access)

Due to miscommunications with the Chrome Store, we had to re-post our extension, loosing all of our metrics for the past few years.

Please drop by our Chrome Store page and give us a 5 star review if you’ve enjoyed using our plugin.

16 thoughts on “Awesome Screenshot for Chrome Update!

    1. We are working on getting all supported platforms up to date. As we are a small team, there is more development and testing required before we can release the update for Firefox.


  1. Does the free plan not allow captured ares? It doesn’t seem to, and no longer works on Firefox (it used to). In Firefox when I click Capture it just leaves the capture area outlined on the screen, and opens a new blank page. Same when I click Cancel. Have to refresh the page to get rid of the capture are overlay! Very annoying!


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