What’s New in 4.3.33

We are thrilled to announce our latest extension updates!

We have made some improvements on screenshots to bring you an immersive capturing experience.

Optimized Visible Part Capturing
Previously you can run our extension on almost any webpages except pages like Chrome extension store or some setting pages. With our latest version, you will get a best-in-class capture experience. The new capturing visible part feature works on Every Web Page. Give it a try yourself.

Enhanced Full-Page Capturing
Full Page capture is one of our most popular and essential features. We fixed some bugs and issues you reported, giving you a smoother capturing entire page experience.

Introducing a More Intuitive Default Menu Tab
Some people solely need recording or capturing features. They can change the default menu tab in the options setting. As for people who utilize both capture and record features or their preferences change often. Instead of going through a tedious setting process, your extension will automatically remember the last tab you use and make it a default tab next time. Prefer the older way? No problem, you still have the option to set the default tab yourself.

We would love to hear how you think about our updates. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions with us in the comment section below. Thanks!!😀

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