Beautify your screenshots

We are thrilled to unveil our new powerful toolbar with expanded feature sets.👏

🙌New Color Palette : Color Picker+Hex Code+Morandi Color

Can’t find your favorite color? Want to match your logo color? No worries! With our new color picker, you have endless color options. Go with your color.

🔑Image Watermark : Visual Signature on Your Screenshots

Wish to protect your screenshots from unauthorized use? Need a signature on your captures? Want to add personal branding? Now, you can add a watermark on your screenshots with our toolbar.

🎉Customizable Padding/Browser : Polish up Screenshots

Add padding or browser to make your screenshots look more professional.



💬More Text Settings : Stroke Color + Shadow

Sometimes annotations blend in screenshots with heavy texts and complicated design. Change stroke color or add a shadow to make your annotation more visible.

How to Access New Toolbar

We would love to hear how you think about our updates. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions with us in the comment section below. Thanks!!😀

46 thoughts on “Beautify your screenshots

  1. Please, please, please. Include the ability to make timestamps on the video so that you can simply press a button and then go back to these time stamps and enter a relevant comment. This button can be placed on the expandable interface at the bottom left hand side of the recording…


  2. Love it! Two suggestions: The ability to share folders and email notifications when someone views the shared link. Please. I’m a pro member! Thank you!


  3. What really This site is beautiful I will give it to my friend The site was previously disgusting Now it is very beautiful 100/100


  4. I use Awesome Screenshot quite often, it’s very useful. One thing that would make it even better is a highlighter tool, basically a translucent pencil with a brush size of a 5x15px rectangle.
    Keep up the good work.


  5. Look at that! The shadow and stroke color make the text stand out. The shadow makes it look like its floating above the screenshot, not just slapped on like a sticker. The stroke colors make sure the text doesn’t blend in to the screenshot! I love it!


  6. I have been using your app probably since you started. I stayed with you through some tweaks and challenges. I was so impressed with your app that it became the first app I paid to upgrade. Your customer service turned out to be pretty decent after the early years, and I continue to be impressed. You made a good product, and while I haven’t used these features, I am looking forward to it. I have shared your company with many forums and networks. I only do that with great products. Thank you.

    Here’s a couple of the companies I used to create presentations and posts for as part of campaign:

    Errands Made Easy
    Test Prep and Tutoring
    Be A Vegan
    Tile Excellence
    Let’s Make Websites
    SEO Marketing
    SEO Powered Websites
    Building Reading Skills
    English Made EZ


  7. congrats for next update!

    in the meantime

    when do you plan

    to update to * to make available to record the selected area of the screen *
    (instead of whole display or selected windows only)
    which imho is important for bigger / no-bezel display users


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