Introducing New Website

Over the past few months, the number of recordings and screenshots uploaded to  has increased a lot and this led to the need for a better way to organize videos and images, on which we’ve been working recently. Today, we’re launching the new website redesigned to enhance your experiences with organizing, finding and sharing your videos and images.

What’s new in this change? Please see the details below.

Fresh Design

A new look with a navigation menu on the left that aims to help you find what you need more easily and quickly.

Nested Folder

Folders and subfolders can keep your items organized in multiple levels. You can now manage your videos and images by adding them to or moving them between folders.  


In addition to searching images, searching videos and folders are also supported now. Just type keywords in the search field at the top of the site to find things you need.

Trash Folder

We receive file recovery requests from time to time, so we added a trash folder. Removed items will be stored in the trash folder for 3 days for free users. You can undo your accidental deletion from now on. And for premium users, removed items will be stored for up to 30 days!

Video Editing (coming soon)

We’re working on some video editing features such as trim, cut, adding text or link etc. They’ll be released soon. Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy this new version.  Let us know if you have any questions or feature requests. You can always contact us through the feedback button next to your avatar.

126 thoughts on “Introducing New Website

      1. My subscription doesn’t work. I wrote many emails, but still no ane answer.
        Why I payed but still record only 5 min?


      2. I have also tried to get help with no reply. All of a sudden I can’t sign in with my google account. I am paying 60 a year. I can’t even get to my account!


      3. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try signing in again and sending us a message again if the issue persists for you.


    1. Did you receive any notification? If you still need assistance on this issue, please submit a feedback and clarify the problem in detail. Thank you.


  1. Facing some issue while taking a full page screenshot of modal box, it cut the modal in to half and rest taking the screenshot of full page of website. can you please check that.


  2. I think the reason awesome screenshot is being used much more is because my school district installed awesome screenshot on every single computer in the school DISTRICT

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  3. One feature is missing… if we get an option to save SS with Date-Time-Domain.. it will keep the sequence of the SS taken…. as of now SS are in Random order


    1. If you are asking about videos or images uploaded to our website, you can open a video or image then get a share link of it, then send the share link to others.


  4. I added awesome screenshot chrome extension to my work browser, paid for one year premium, now at home I log into chrome and have the free version. Why is this?


    1. You may have created two accounts. Can you contact us through Feedback and provide your account and payment information? Thanks.


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