Important Notice and New Release

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe during these challenging times. It has been nearly 3 months since we posted the response to the COVID-19.

From April 3rd to July 10th

We have been providing unlimited access to and unlimited storage of screen recordings to all users for free since April to help remote working and teaching. The original plan was to reinstate feature limits on July 1st. Though the economy is reopened gradually in most of the world, some sectors are still hard hit. We decided to extend the offer for another 10 days. Limits will be reinstated after July 10th. 

After July 10th

If you’re on the free plan and have saved more than 20 videos, your access to more- previously saved videos will be limited after July 10th. Please upgrade to the professional plan to gain unlimited access if you’d like to continue enjoying the service, or download your videos before they are locked if you prefer not to upgrade now. 

New Features in 4.3.6 

We have spent a lot of effort in the development of new features in the past few months. Today, we’re releasing a new version 4.3.6. What’s coming with this update? First of all, we’d like to introduce the carefully redesigned popup menu, a more user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to quickly switch between screen recording and screen capture when needed.

You can set either Record or Capture as the default menu based on your primary usage scenario by clicking the Options button then changing the related setting.

Next are the major changes made on the screenshot functionality. Now you can:

  • Capture a local HTML page 
  • Capture entire screen or app window after delay 
  • Directly copy a screenshot when capturing a selected area
  • Skip annotating for quick saving 
  • Select an area or annotate a screenshot with pen on touch screen 
  • Add timestamp and page URL to a screenshot 

Wondering how to enable some of these functions? Simply click on the Options button in the lower right corner of the popup menu! You will find various settings there. Check them out and customize the extension to your own preference 😀

We have also made some improvements on the recording feature and will keep working on more. Stay tuned!

Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Feedback button in the lower left corner of the popup menu if you have any questions, suggestions or any other issues.

82 thoughts on “Important Notice and New Release

  1. I’ve used this product for years after beta testing several and really enjoying the awesome screenshot. I liked it that much that I purchased the upgrade, which I guess is only good for that one year, and I truly enjoyed that. My only problem has been on several occasions, the screenshot was taken, edits even made, but when it showed up on the final page, only a section of the screenshot was there or it was missing completely. I had clients at this point, and I needed solutions and I wrote several times, but no one got back to me. Even now it happens. I am still trying to understand why sometimes when I take a screenshot and I get a message that saying due to page I am not allowed to take a screenshot. I have to go to another window or download it–I cannot remember. Either way, I love it but struggle with issues it has and the slow response because I came to count on it, and it was the 1st app I’ve ever purchased. I will find out how much the annual price is and consider it. Thanks.


    1. Hi Diana, no emails found in the inbox of our support email and no Awesome Screenshot account found with Could you please submit a bug report via the Feedback button and clarify your username? We will address the issue ASAP. Thank you.


  2. Maravilha, uso essa extensão a muito tempo e ela tem sido uma grande companheira, nos meus trabalhos do dia a dia. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores por todo esforço e dedicado. Que Deus abençoe vocês sempre!


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