What’s New in Awesome Screenshot 4.2.1

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing a new icon for the extension with this update! We have made several major improvements on some key features recently. Check them out below!

Improved Entire Page Capturing 

  • For very long or infinite scroll pages, you can manually end the capturing now.
  • New solution for super long pages that cannot be captured before
  • You can choose to skip editing process for an entire page screenshot to save it more quickly.
  • The overall speed of capturing is faster than before.
  • Better performance on more kinds of web pages, e.g. pages with animations

Enhanced Annotation Toolbar 

  • There’re more color choices available now.
  • You can select a color for either text or background when adding text.
  • Last used color, font family and font size will be remembered.

Other Improvements 

  • Increased speed of downloading image in PDF format 
  • Redesigned Options page and more customizable settings
  • New feedback form for easier issue reporting 
  • Paste an image from clipboard with Select a Local Image 
  • Better permission control over Microphone and Downloads folder

And more to come! We highly appreciate our users’ valuable feedback and suggestions that have helped us improve our product and services. Thank you for your support.

Share your thoughts on this update in comments!

134 thoughts on “What’s New in Awesome Screenshot 4.2.1

  1. Me too! Totally worth the paid subscription and I love that you guys are always trying to improve! I would to see you guys replace Windows Step Recorder – it’s screen caps are terrible!


  2. Me too! Totally worth the paid subscription and I love that you guys are always trying to improve! I would to see you guys replace Windows Step Recorder – it’s screen caps are terrible!


  3. I use your extension for a long time and generally, I am quite pleased with it. However, I think that there are some areas of improvements that you might consider.

    It opens the screenshot in zoom-out size/view. Also, the pre-defined border and text size are enormous, and there are no settings to change or predefine those the way convenient for me. So now, I have to change the zoom, the border/arrows line size, the text size each time I make a screenshot before I can start working on it. Very inconvenient. It works that way from the previous update but still active.

    Also, for a long time when I save a screenshot on my PC, it does not suggest the last folder I used. In the beginning, it was working like that but not anymore for a long time. Also quite inconvenient.

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Last used text size will be remembered with this update. As for the zoom issue, do you use a Retina screen? Last used folder cannot be remembered currently. However, you can set a subfolder under Downloads to save screenshots. You can find the setting in Options.


  4. It’s really cool what you are doing – but I need urgently a feature to download a video capture in .mp4 – the format that you are offering is hard to use and convert!


    1. Thanks for your feedback. We will consider supporting MP4 format later. WebM is supported by most modern web browsers. Could you share your use scenario of videos with more details?


  5. How can I talk to Awesome shot cause i have request for the next update could u guys give both people who can pay and can’t like kids like me the option to crop photo that are circle base like if you give us the option to have the crop box to go in the shape of a circle for cropping round pics


    1. Thanks for your feedback. We may consider supporting cropping round images in the future. You can always reach us by clicking the Send Feedback button in the extension’s popup menu.


    1. Please submit a bug report via Send Feedback button and clarify the problem with more details. Thanks.


  6. Not sure not sure how long I have been a paying users, but I can say without a doubt this is one of the best Chrome extensions I am using in my toolkit. Thanks guys.


  7. Great app and I appreciate your efforts! I wish I had some constructive criticism or ideas for improvement but for me it does exactly what I want it to 🙂


    1. If you encounter any problems when capturing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will keep improving it. Thank you.


    1. There are several methods to save a screenshot. Which one did you choose? You also can submit a bug report for help.


  8. Earlier on my old LP the screenshot used to get saved in thr download collection in Windows 7. Now I have Windows10 on my new LPbut when I took screen shot I could not find it either in Download nor in Drawing section. If possible please guide me how to find screeshot. Thanks


  9. Can you guys also include “Capture Fragment” option, so when we hover over any element it auto-selects it and then we can capture it. This feature is available in “Nimbus Capture” and that’s the only reason due to which I have to enable “Nimbus Capture” as well.

    Looking forward to it.

    Awesome app nonetheless.


  10. Sería muy bueno que se pudieran usar las teclas para hacer pausa y stop en las capturas de vídeo y si se pudiera seleccionar manualmente una parte de la pantalla para hacer, también, capturas de video, la aplicación daría un salto de calidad. Les animo a que incorporen estas mejoras. Hasta el momento, estoy muy satisfecho con la aplicación. Gracias por su atención


  11. When will Awesome Screenshot comply with European law (GDPR)? Please add the possibility of commenting without having to provide an email address.


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