What’s New in Awesome Screenshot 4.2.1

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing a new icon for the extension with this update! We have made several major improvements on some key features recently. Check them out below!

Improved Entire Page Capturing 

  • For very long or infinite scroll pages, you can manually end the capturing now.
  • New solution for super long pages that cannot be captured before
  • You can choose to skip editing process for an entire page screenshot to save it more quickly.
  • The overall speed of capturing is faster than before.
  • Better performance on more kinds of web pages, e.g. pages with animations

Enhanced Annotation Toolbar 

  • There’re more color choices available now.
  • You can select a color for either text or background when adding text.
  • Last used color, font family and font size will be remembered.

Other Improvements 

  • Increased speed of downloading image in PDF format 
  • Redesigned Options page and more customizable settings
  • New feedback form for easier issue reporting 
  • Paste an image from clipboard with Select a Local Image 
  • Better permission control over Microphone and Downloads folder

And more to come! We highly appreciate our users’ valuable feedback and suggestions that have helped us improve our product and services. Thank you for your support.

Share your thoughts on this update in comments!

134 thoughts on “What’s New in Awesome Screenshot 4.2.1

  1. I accidentally found it on my pc but it’s very useful, although, it was an accident and I don’t know how I activated it with the keyboard… can you explain?


    1. Hi Pablo, sorry for the late reply. The shortcut keys for different capture options are displayed in the main menu that appears when you click the extension icon. You can also click Options in the menu to change shortcut key as you like.


  2. i love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


  3. Hey there, been using Awesome Screenshot for a while. I’ve tried tons of different extensions but this is the one that in my opinion is the absolute best. Nothing can beat it. Easy to use but there are so many features. And your extension doesn’t do the annoying thing where you promise a ton of features…but don’t tell you that they’re all locked behind a subscription with only the most base features available. Really love Awesome Screenshot, will continue to use and recommend!


    1. Hi Haydn, can you please submit a bug report via the feedback button in the extension’s menu and clarify the recording issue you encountered in detail? Thank you.


  4. You should have a donate button at the very top of each update message screen… I wouldn’t mind throwing you a few dollars from time to time as you have such a great product.


  5. Love what you’re doing guys. It would be awesome to have a ‘dim’ ability to highlight parts of the screenshot and the rest be dim. Just a thought.


    1. Hi Lucy, please submit a bug report via Send Feedback button in the extension menu and clarify the issue with more details. Thank you.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Editing with surface pen is not supported. We will try finding a solution in the future.


    1. Sorry for the trouble you encountered with installing the extension. There was an issue with the extension. We have fixed the issue and submitted it again. It’s currently in pending review and hopefully will be approved soon.


  6. This application does not work on my Google Chrome Windows 10 PC, only shows full black screenshots, blank.
    Need help


    1. Please reinstall the extension to try again. If the issue persists, submit a bug report via the Seed Feedback button in the extension’s menu.


  7. Man, this extension is amazing. It’s so nice in fact I might use it for starting a new youtube channel. Is there any chance you will add a button where you could export your video to youtube at all? That would be amazing, Thanks.


    1. Thanks for your comment. To directly upload a video to YouTube, you can choose to “save video to Local” before start recording.


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