New: Cut and Annotate Your Video

We want to introduce a new feature that helps make your videos more custom and professional: video editor. This version of editor contains several basic yet useful editing tools, with more to come in the future!

Cut out unwanted parts

Have you experienced a situation where you have to discard a recording and redo because of getting interrupted or not satisfied with what’s just recorded? Redo recording can be both frustrating and time consuming. But from now on, when such an issue occurs, you can just pause for a moment, make adjustments and proceed with recording as usual. Once the recording is done, use the cut tool to remove unwanted parts easily.

Annotate with text, shapes and links

Sometimes, new thoughts may pop into your heads after you finish recording a video. With the text tool, you can share a new idea, add a description or an explanation by adding a note to a specific part of your video, and to a specific place in a video scene.

If you want to emphasize something in your video, you can add a rectangle, ellipse or arrow to highlight it. You can also use shape tool along with text tool to draw viewers’ attention to the parts you want to focus on.

If you want people who watch your video to visit a particular page, or to prove some resource links for people’s reference, make use of the link tool.

Get started with the video editor

Please refer to this article to see how to use the video editor in detail and feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Video editor is only available for videos stored on our website. To use it, make sure you are signed in and choose the Cloud storage option for your video. You will see the Edit button on a video detail page after you stop recording.

If you saved videos to the Local recordings list previously, you can go there to open a video and upload it to our website.

Note: video editing is a paid feature. However, it is now free to everyone for a limited time.

61 thoughts on “New: Cut and Annotate Your Video

  1. Great stuff! Almost no more need for a video editor for quick simple videos.

    What I would love to see is a tool to blur parts with privacy sensitive information. Is that in the planning?


  2. I kid you not – this is so freakin’ useful and I’m grateful this feature exists! Thank you for continuously improving things. If possible though – don’t forget to also “perfect” regular screenshotting. Taking a full page screenshot is still buggy/breakish compared to Google’s own screenshotting mechanism through ‘Inspect’


    1. Thanks for your comment! Regarding the full page screenshot, could you please submit a bug report to our support team when you encounter an issue with a web page? Thanks.


  3. This arrived just on the day we needed it. We had recorded a video that needed to be cut at the beginning and the end of our recording. We had to deliver the screencast to the client like,..immediately. We were so pleased to see that awesome screenshot had the editing function which had only just come out that day. Thank you Awesome Screenshot this is a great feature and of great benefit to your community.


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