Workspace: a collaborative visual repository for your team

Introducing Workspace, a new approach to help your team collaborate visually.

Over the past years, many companies have adapted video conferencing as an essential for communication across teammates. Despite virtual meetings allowing us to talk in real-time, conflicting schedules and endless meetings can be daunting. Sometimes you may not always need immediate feedback from a colleague, or it’s easier to clear up confusion with illustrations rather than long emails. Why not integrate Awesome Screenshot Workspace in your workflow?

What is Workspace? 

Workspace is a central repository for all your team’s visual content. All in one: everything you need for visual communication at work:

  • Record an online meeting for a colleague who could not attend.
  • @colleague in the comment section to start a discussion
  • Send a quick video message to team members.
  • Upload a how-to tutorial for new members.
  • Share an expressive screenshot with stakeholders.
  • Edit a record, polish screenshots, and more into a workspace. 

We would love to hear how you think about our updates. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions with us in the comment section below. Thanks!!😀

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