Add Blur and Image to Video

In this update, we want to introduce two new features about video editor and a major improvement on the full-page screenshot function.  

Blur out parts of a video

Sometimes, you’d notice information you cannot or prefer not to share after recording. It could be some confidential information that has to be hidden, or something that may distract viewers’ attention away from what you intend to present. In such situations, blurring out parts of a video can be really helpful.

Wondering about the how-to? Click here to see a step-by-step guide.

Add image to a video

With the add-image feature, you can put a logo to your video to make it more professional, add a reference image to help viewers better understand the content, or add some funny pictures to make a video more entertaining, etc.

You can add images in JPG or PNG format. See how to add an image to your video here.

Enhanced full page screenshot

A new method was used to improve the performance of capturing full page. Previously, when you took a screenshot of a complex webpage that had inline frames or scrollable areas, you might get only the visible part captured or the screenshot was not properly stitched. With the new solution, capturing full page works much better on these kinds of webpages. If you still have trouble capturing the entire page of a webpage, please don’t hesitate to report it to us.

Your valuable feedback help us serve you better. Let us know your thoughts!

55 thoughts on “Add Blur and Image to Video

    1. Thank you for listening to your user base and for the consistent updates making Awesome Screenshot the BEST Screenshot app on the market.

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      1. Yeah well, to keep your product alive, you need to keep providing the features in this cruel era of cut throat competition. Otherwise the next day someone will take over.


    2. sorry to disturb u i just want to know how to edit videos with this app thank u .i dont know am speaking with but if u want to know me MY NAME IS FAVOUR


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