Get screenshot done QUICKLY

In this release, you will notice a new option available in the extension’s Capture menu.

Once the “Cloud” option is selected manually, you will get new “Capture screenshot” experience. Almost everything is quicker compared with the previous process. Here is a screenshot of the new annotation interface.

Annotation tools and save options are combined into one menu, which will appear on the right side of your screen after you take a screenshot. Icons for annotation tools were redesigned, too. Tooltip text will show up when you mouse over an icon. With the new process and annotation menu, you will get screenshot done quickly.

Quick to Annotate

Previously, a screenshot was automatically displayed in a new tab for annotating or saving.  Now, you can annotate directly on the page without leaving it.

Quick to Copy

Now you can directly copy a screenshot to your clipboard and paste it anywhere without going through the whole process.

Quick to save screenshot with the source URL

By clicking the Save button, you can upload a screenshot with annotations to your account quickly. The URL and title of the web page you capture will also be saved automatically, so that you can click the image title to revisit the source page later.

Quick to Share and Organize

Once screenshots are saved in the cloud, they can be accessed across devices, shared through links, organized with folders, or downloaded as images or PDFs.

Only one image for a very long full page screenshot

Since we can use the power of the server side computing in the cloud mode, you will get only one image when capturing full page of a very very long page. Previously, you may get several divided images for a very long full page screenshot.

Screenshots and Screen recordings, together

Screenshots and videos saved in your account can be organized in the same folder. It could be really useful if you’re preparing resources for a project and need these two kinds of files.

Still like the old way? Don’t worry.

To those who prefer saving image to local, you can click the triangle icon next to Cloud to switch back to Local. The process of saving screenshots to local remains the same as before.

To those who don’t have an account yet, we strongly recommend you register an account to try the cloud screenshot feature!

There are more improvements to come. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to to send us a message using Feedback button or blog comments. Let us know your thoughts! Thank you for reading.

97 thoughts on “Get screenshot done QUICKLY

  1. Maybe I’m missing something but it’s taking me twice as long to accomplish what I usually do. Doesn’t seem like an upgrade to me.


    1. Hello Brenda, could you send us an email and share your use case in detail to help us better understand how it’s taking you twice as long? Thank you.


  2. do you plan to make available to record part of the screen (now it is only entire screen or application)?

    I’be changed from 2 monitors to one and it becomes quite problematic to record a video presentation with various applications involved without this feature


  3. Why can’t we use the new quick annotation tools when saving to local storage? Even my 2017 Smartphone natively does this locally without breaking a sweat, there’s no reason (besides greed for user data) to be forcing the privacy-invasive cloud on our more powerful PCs simply to perform a screenshot in our web browser. Please make it available for local screenshots too, not interested in any privacy-invasive cloud service.

    Eitherway, thanks for continuing to improve this your awesome extension. Use it daily for keeping track of various applications I use. Its local functions have been really handy 👍


    1. The annotation tools for Cloud and Local are basically the same. And for the moment, the menu for Local storage actually has a few more tools.


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