Keep social distance and work together

Dear Awesome Screenshot users,

We hope everyone is remaining healthy as the Coronavirus public health crisis deepens. Actually, we feel sorry for the late response. It took us some time to finish this new version which will help more people to work remotely. We have to keep social distance. At the same time, working together remotely has never been more important.

Even before the pandemic struck, remote work accelerated around the world. Under these new circumstances we will now have to learn how to be productive when working from home in addition to learning how to collaborate with colleagues outside of the office.

Awesome screenshot has been about sharing the screen from the very beginning. The natural evolution for sharing the screen is from sharing screenshots to sharing screen videos. Video is playing a growing role in our work life, such as video conferences, video customer service, video product demos etc, especially in this coronavirus crisis.


There are two kinds of video, real time and non-real time video. Real time video, such as Zoom,  is a critical part of any video solution for work. We use Zoom often and love it. However, it doesn’t suit all scenarios. Here is a fun diagram from the Internet about a real time video conference.  It explains in some cases, such as a short discussion or demonstration, real time video conference may make our work less efficient.

Besides real time video communication, when we are working remotely, one important tool to work with our colleagues or clients is to share our work with non-real time video. Recording the screen is a great way to share our work in many scenarios, such as bug reports, design drafts, product tutorials etc.

With these considerations in mind, we have made significant improvements to the Awesome Screenshot extension and website in this new version that I am excited to share with you! Here we go:

New Extension Menu 

Video recording is now a core part of the extension. We not only added new features for video recording, but also arranged them in an easy to access way.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.20.11 PM.png

Instant sharing, fast and convenient 

Working together also means better integration with other applications.

Fast: Sharing video with colleagues is often very slow. With the new version, you don’t need to “Upload” the video, then share it.  After the video is recorded, you can share it instantly.

Convenient: We integrate video sharing with Slack, Trello, Github, Asana, Jira directly in the video page, so it is super easy to connect with your favorite services.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.57.18 AM.png

Record both your screen and  your camera 

Put your face in the video to make it more engaging.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.02.18 PM.png

Download as both WebM and MP4  formats

WebM is the default video format for Chrome. However, MP4 format is widely used.  Now, you can download your video as a MP4 file.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 3.23.09 AM.png

Fight coronavirus with free access  

Besides new features, we will also provide free cloud video recording and access before May 1st to support remote work and fight the coronavirus.

  • Increase from 30s free recording time to 5 minutes free recording time
  • 1 Month free cloud video recording and access for all

Free for educational use 

Please contact us through if you are a teacher and need to access the professional video feature for educational purposes. We will provide you free access for this semester.

Here is a brief introduction about how to use the video feature in this new version.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can better help you.

46 thoughts on “Keep social distance and work together

  1. Great plug-in, only one I’ve found that’s worked for more than a week, thanks. Stay safe, & all the best.


  2. In this devastating time, we definitely need to keep calm, social distancing, wash our hands and not touch our faces!


  3. Been using this for a few years I think… at least 2 years, anyway. Love the new additions! Keep it up and stay safer out there everyone.


  4. Perfect timing! My company is loving my video messages. Question: Is there any advantage between sharing a link within Slack vs. just copying and pasting the link in a channel?


    1. Sharing a link within slack is almost the same as just copying and pasting the link in a channel. However, if you share through Awesome screenshot, you will see a thumbnail in the Slack. It will be easier for your co-workers to notice there is an important video. This feature is designed to make it more convenient for sharing a video link when your slack page is not opened.


  5. Am a bit concerned, i have loved the idea but unfortunately i can’t hear my voice after recording. am i the problem or the system’s problem. pliizzzz someone to help me out on this. thanks


  6. I want to keep using AS & think this is a great edge in communication. But, I’m having issues sharing the videos. I can share the link with my coworkers on Slack. However, sharing via email with my customers is cumbersome. The links won’t open properly on their end. I don’t want to download as save as MP4s….that’s a real clunky process. Is there a way to embed videos within the email that provides a preview?


    1. Hi Todd,
      Thanks for your comments. Could you send more info about the problem your customers experienced, such as the browser and OS they use? Please shoot as an email care 【at 】 Thanks very much!


      1. Her default browser was IE. It worked in Chrome ✅. Now, any chance you guys are working on a Gmail/Gsuite add in?!?!. I’d love to be able to convert more simply with a previewed format right in the email.


  7. So so pleased about the MP4 format. I wrote in a few weeks ago asking if you had this option, wasn’t expecting you to release it so soon. Super pleased I paid for this App, its now super cool in my opinion.


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