What’s New in 4.1.0: Jira Integration



Jira Integration

Jira is a powerful issue & project tracking software. Now you can use screenshots to easily report bugs and send feedback to Jira through Awesome Screenshot.


Capture Improvements

Improved “Capture selected area” when you zoom in/out a page

Improved “Capture entire page”:

  • scrollbar will not be captured in screenshots
  • works better for pages that contain fixed elements, such as navigation bar
  • support capture entire page of Gmail

52 thoughts on “What’s New in 4.1.0: Jira Integration

  1. This is one of the extensions I use most in my work. Love Awesome Screenshot because…well, it’s awesome. Thanks for the updates/upgrades. Loving it.


  2. I PAID FOR PREMIUM Awesome Screenshot, NEVER received any premium services. So, I canceled the service. One year later I got hit with charges for 2 years of premium services (current year & previous year I cancelled).

    I sent multiple messages, MANY messages and received NO response whatsoever, not even a generated automatic response. The only way I could prevent yearly charges was to inform Paypal not to accept any charges. I never received a refund, I never gained access to the premium services and I would STILL LIKE AN ANSWER TO THAT.

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  3. Excellent Update. I would like to follow-up with you regarding the use of this app for children with special needs on an IO app for ipads. You will change children’s lives with your app.


  4. Extraordinary work. 🙂

    I have another suggestion,
    when I do a screenshot on the page of one of the websites that applies the header running following the screenshot cursor I do have a little bit of an inappropriate piece.

    Maybe this can be further improved so that in the future for full shooting of a website like this can produce images that are not cut off.
    I’ve tried repeatedly but it’s still the same.

    But from all that, I didn’t have a problem. Hehe


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